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JavaScript Introducion

Understanding basics video

ssokurenko 2016-10-11

I am often asked about what do I do, and as the second question: “What is JavaScript?”.

Well, it is better to watch once, than 10 times to hear about a topic, so I’ve created this video to to explain the basics.

The voice is not mine :) it’s a professional voice-over artist.

Welcome to add your comments on Youtube:

Best web colors

Collection of colors for the front-end

ssokurenko 2016-06-12

Sometimes required to pick some random color for a mockup, or even experiment for a design. I’ve created a web app with a collection of nice web-friendly colors with easy access to their color codes. Welcome to see my picks:

Or fork the repo on Github to keep your collection.

To edit the colors, just update the color codes in this JSON file.

ng-conf 2016

Best videos from the conference

ssokurenko 2016-05-04

The conference was awesome

This year ng-conf took place in Salt Lake City, UT. About 700 developers attended the event and numerous well known Angular experts like John Papa, and Justin Schwartzenberger had presentations on the stage. Here I’ve collected the most interesting videos, you can find all of them at the playlist on Youtube. Enjoy!

… and some fun!

Introduction to Docker

A slide deck

ssokurenko 2016-03-25

Recently I held a presentation about Docker to our team and colleagues from other projects. Welcome to see the deck slides and re-use for own purposes:

The deck is powered by Reveal.JS.